The Kane interview refers to a major television interview between the President of the Republic of Kania, Alexander Kane, and CNN interviewer Wolf Blitzer on 19 September 2011, following a high-level heads of state meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The interview concerned Kania's political, economical, ideological, and religious stances and beliefs, and the country's refusal to be classified as a Western power in local and foreign media. The interview was aired on CNN and KBN, and ran for two hours in total. The interview was the second with Kane, and the seventh in a line of interviews with Kanian heads of state, with last two regarding the Kania's refusal to participate in Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.


Main points and highlights

Transcript of the interview


  • Kane denounces Kania's position as a Western power.
  • Kane defends his failure to legalize gay marriage in 2008.
  • Kane outlines Kania's religious beliefs and convictions.
  • Kane denies claims of hating atheist Kanians.
  • Kane acknowledges rumoured attempts to stiffen the growth of the Liberal Party of Kania.
  • Kane acknowledges previous attempts to arm Palestinian forces during the Second Intifada.
  • Kane declares dislike of the Israeli government and its actions.
  • Kane acknowledges Kania's attempts to curtail the military power of Israel in the Levant.