Shaet is a huge pyramid temple situated in the Deuric region of Barrac, but is owned and controlled by the Shaen Order, a powerful group of ancient priests and warriors whose ancestors founded the temple in the late Ancient Era. Nowadays, Shaet is used to refer to a single temple, but previously it represented an entire region similar in size and position (at its height) to the later Deuric region.


Kingdom of Shaet

Shaet was built by the first Shaen Casters, in 684 A.E, long before Nuria or Toran ever settled in the region. The temple was created as an embodiment of the Ninth Star, which was the last star in the Quaenu constellation, Quaenu translating to High King. The Shaen had lived in the region for a number of years, practicing what is believed to have been the highest level of magic ever achieved at that point. Originally Shaet was used to refer to a number of temples in the region, all constructed by Shaen, which were used as ritual and sacrificial grounds for their gods.

The Kingdom of Shaet, as it was known, prospered under the rule of the High Priest, who would guide and control the actions of all of its men under divine advice, delivering the orders of the Gods and acting upon them as he saw fit. The first Shaet High Priest dates back to 3000 B.C, when the Shaen order was first created by a group of powerful sorcerors who wanted to extend and increase their worship of the gods. The Ninth Star temple was not built for many years afterwards.

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