A definite score for the Laari, a perfectly habitable planet still in its early stages of developing life, its native species of lizards and insects do not pose a threat to the Oppi, it is largely forested due to its proximity to its star, it is the perfect distance so it is not particularly hot anywhere in the planet, but it gets cold in the frozen poles. The sun it orbits is a blue supergiant, so it is large and all the plants are black.

OLDF Presence

The OLDF have their HQ on the planet, and two shipyard in orbit, plus an interstellar accelator back to the homeworld, for cargo ships and probes bound for the homeworld. It is a hub for Oppi travel and trade, if less so than the homeworld. One of the three battleships the Oppi have are housed in reserve here, the OLEK-02 Sharia. It houses a large number of infantry in the orbiting space station. They are constructing a fourth, larger battlecruiser called the OLEK-04 Bonecracker, it will be equipped with prototype energy weapons, (particle cannons) and large explosive railguns.

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