Sharqi manet
1000 Manetlar
1000 manetlar banknote
ISO 4217 code SQM
User(s) Flag of Sharqistan Sharqistan
Symbol Sharqi manet symbol
Coins м1, м2, м5, м10, м20, м50, м100
Banknotes м500, м1000, м2000, м5000, м10,000, м50,000
Issuing authority Central Bank of Sharqistan
Printer Central Bank of Sharqistan

The manet (symbol: Sharqi manet symbol; ISO Code: SQM) is the currency of Sharqistan. It is pegged to the Dollar ($1=м102.43).

Adopted since 2004 (replacing the Sharqi som with 1 manet=10,000 somlar), the currency has had various low-value peaks, as in 2005, where 1 US dollar was worth м12,715.36. Following the 2013 Sharqistan conflicts, the manet was experiencing high devaluation, which brought to the resetting of the currency, with 1 new manet=1000 old manetlar. The currency is currently monitored by the Central Bank of Sharqistan.

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