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Sharqistan presidential election, 2013
1 April 2013
Nominee Fylyp Burugdanyev Nurzhan Temirov Ravshana Karashina
Party SMF Menen Ult Fairness Now!
Popular vote 1,108,162 842,376 192,906
Percentage 51.7% 39.3% 9.0%
Sharqistan 2013 Election Map
Blue shows the tumanlar carried by the SMF, Light blue shows the tumanlar carried by Menen Ult, Yellow shows the tumanlar carried by Fairness Now

Previous President
Nurzhan Temirov
Menen Ult

Fylyp Burugdanyev

The Presidential election of Sharqistan, held in 2013, was the first election to feature the formerly banned Sharqistan Movement of Freedom. The referendum was a result of the mass dissatisfaction of the Menen Ult regime, followed by protests in Pavlodar and Öskemen.

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