Shaval (also kown as the Floating City, Mage Rock and Blue Keep) is a city on the floating rock of Frawl, some two hundred and forty-seven feet off the ground. It is located on the Northern Plains, in Avroa. It is some three hundred and ten miles from Greywalls . The city has a population of 1,009,000, most are mages both there are also other trades who do buisness with the mages, such as the Alchemist's Guild, the Merchant's Trade Cartels and the Stonemason's Guild. The city can only be accesed by portal or by a single stone bridge known as the Skyway. The city had no walls, since no army can reach it. Because the rock is less than three miles across, there are hollowed out caverns into Frawl. The city imports food and exports potions.


  • The Blue Keep: A castle with blue walls, and his home to the Archmage's Quaters and his/her family. Its walls reach some fifty feet high. It also hosts the Shaval Council. It was constructed from -2094 RC to -1934 RC.
  • The Mage's College: This college is a large three storay campus, made from granite from Solherd, is a twin to the Sun Univerisity in Alvengúr. It has students from all over Jal-Hur, Avroa and Kal-Hur. There are some 90,000 students. It was builed between -231 RC to -214 RC
  • The Statue of Harrash: This thirty foot life-like statue of the great mage, Harrash Mandor, which is made from brimstone. It is located in the Mage's Squre. It was build in honour of him in 1489 RC
  • The Mage's Square: A large square, with a market around the Statue of Harrash. It is a place of potion-selling, magical gifts and spellbooks. It was build in 1236 RC.
  • The Undercaverns: Long man-made caverns into Frawl, were there are more sections of the city. It is also were Shaval gets its water supplies


There is a democratic goverment, known as the Shaval Council, which has members from every race and soceity of Shaval life. This goverment is led by the Archmage, a man or woman who must be at least 55, a powerful mage, and well-respected. The goverment meets in the Blue Keep. There can be up to a thousand members of the Council, and only orcs and trolls are not permited to join. The Archmage can veto a bad bill or tax.

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