Meitot Shecea
Official Languages Shecelan
Other Languages Juleni, Egraian
Capital Bescurne
Government Constitutional monarchy
Monarch King Meduot II
Prime Minister Shebo Atart Evernest
Area 63,668 km²
Currency Shecelan Tarle

Sheceo is a landlocked kingdom (mainly) in Eastern Sadcodanian Holy Valley. Its neighbors are Egraio, Geolo, Väbemban, Alstar and Julen.



Sheceo is generally flat. It can be divided into four different regions:

  • 1: Holy Valley: This region has ~70% of all the Shecelan land area. It is flat. Population is dense near the Holy Lake, and moderate inland.
  • 2: Shecelan Ridge: This mountainous region is ~5% of the total land area. The tallest peak is about 2500 metres tall. Almost nobody lives here.
  • 3: Eastern Region: This region is in the watershed of Lomu River, rather than Egraian River. It is flat, but 300-400 metres over main sea level. It is ~15% of the total land area. Population is not dense.
  • 4: Western Coast: This is a relatively flat region west of the Holy Lake. It has no borders with other Shecelan regions, only with Julen and Egraio. It is ~10% of the total land area.

There are some important islands, which don't fall under any of these categories. The biggest of them are Iessele (22.4 km²) and Emenshict (16.1 km²).


1: Isbinime

2: Kartse

3: Nafsute

4: Capital province

5: Haburtne

6: Lamute

7: Sheceo Naimo

8: Vencube

Biggest cities

(metropolitan level, capital in bold)

  • Cebe Nafse (2,095,000 inhabitants, Nafsute)
  • Shecute (1,392,000 inhabitants, Kartse)
  • Binime (1,093,000 inhabitants, Isbinime)
  • Bescurne (805,000 inhabitants, capital province)

Other cities:

  • Riditse (129,000 inhabitants, Lamute)
  • Galavie (196,000 inhabitants, Vencube)


Frasarian religion has a majority (97% of people) in Sheceo.

Languages (as of 2006):

  • Shecelan, 93.2%
  • Egraian, 5.1%
  • Juleni, 1.2%
  • Väbembani, 0.2%
  • others, 0.3%



Sheceo is a constitutional kingdom. The monarch gets an absolute power, should a war come. Monarch's status and rights are protected by the constitution, which cannot be changed, unless the monarch, heir apparent and 90% of the MPs agree to do so.

Continent of Tavastia
Sadcodanian Peninsula, countries: Borano | Egraio | Gacmetsu | Geolo | Gicosco | Harabon | Iaugart | Luwiyya | Nacaran | Sheceo
Nilatien Peninsula, countries: Esbu | Helsink | Vantaga

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