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The largest nation-state in the world

The Shofasionian Empire (also stylised as "Shofas-Ionian Empire"; also known as "Shofasionia" and "Shofas-Ionia") is the largest country in the world by land area, occupying approximately 95% of the land area of the Shofasian continent and around 35% of the island of Stelsha.

An autocratic, largely centralised but partially federated empire ruled by a hereditary emperor (currently Mary II), the Shofasionian Empire remains amongst the most politically and economically powerful countries in the world, despite relatively low ranking for GDP and individual wealth. Rich in natural resources and possessing the second largest armed force in the world, Shofasionia has maintained a largely uninterrupted territorial expansion and revision policy for almost 500 years since the incorporation of the eastern Ionian kingdoms into the Shofasian Empire. This ongoing programme of territorial adjustment has often attracted wide criticism from the Empire's neighbours and major diplomatic powers, whilst also periodically being seen to concede to calls for moderation or partial deconstruction.

The Shofasionian Empire has been a player in several major conflicts since the 12th Century which reflect to a varying degree its empire-building policies. Such wars have included the Ionian Campaigns, the Shofas-Bundian War, the Shofas-Crainyan War, the Forty Years' War and the Stelshan Conflict. In the early twentieth century, the Empire has been a notable combattant in the 2010-12 Stelshan War and the 2011 Occupation of Kayvetland.

Many diplomatic commentators claim that Shofasionia is in a critical transition phase from medieval Empire to moderate politically progressive power, having commenced this transition prior to the ascension of Mary II in 1995, and demonstrate proactively deimperialist policies. Critics of this position point to the similarities of current Shofasionian political debate to other periods throughout the country's history, and estimate a transition to full democracy to take a further century at least.

History of the Shofasionian Empire

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