Siege of Fort Arnmor
Date 12 May 2314
Location Fort Arnmor, Vastopf Atoll, Shyatland
Result UKGP win
Admiral Antoni Reglan
Lieutenant General Patrick Ozai
Arestiri Total strength: 242,000
ESH: 167,000
Gunners: 70,000
LSK: 15,000
UKGP Total Strength: 35,000
ESH: 4,500
Gunners: 2,500
NGT: 20,500
Combat Engineer: 5,500
LSK: 2,000
Casualties and losses
Arestiri Total deaths: 128,387
106,368 killed in action
22,019 died of wounds
UKGP Total deaths: 23,500
13,200 killed in action
10,300 died of wounds

The Siege of Fort Arnmor was an engagement of the Nirina Campaign, fought from 12 May 2314 to 15 May 2314, on Vastopf Atoll in Shyatland.



The invasion fleet, Task Force 25 commanded by Admiral Antoni Reglan left Lazuli Harbor on 11 May 2314. The landing force, Task Group 25.3, consisted of units of the 17th Infantry Division commanded by Major General Ancell D. Tharn and the 2nd Warrior Division commanded by Lord Obar Yotniel, transported by attack transports.

On the eve of invasion, the Paangoonian garrison on Vastopf Atoll's center, Fort Arnmor, numbered 35,000 men: 20,500 naval ground troops of the 3rd Special Naval Landing Force, 7,000 troops of the 28th Infantry Division, 5,500 troops of the 11th Pioneers, and 2,000 men of the 6th Warrior Division, all commanded by Lieutenant General Patrick Ozai. The number of trained combat troops on Vastopf was not more than 9,000 soldiers.

Vastopf's land defenses were centered around the lagoon shore. The south of the lagoon two-thirds of the way across Vastopf was protected by two 8-inch (200mm) anti-tank guns in a reinforced concrete pillbox, 12 sentry turret positions, and 70 rifle pits. The east side was protected by one 8-inch (200mm) anti-tank gun, 6 sentry turret positions, and 30 rifle pits. All of them was protected by a double apron of electrified barbed wire and an intricate system of gun emplacements and rifle pits.

A series of strongpoints was established along the west side of the fort, with 30-inch (750mm) coastal defense guns, three 8-inch (200mm) anti-tank gun positions, 15 sentry turret emplacements and 105 rifle pits. The Paangoonian expected the invasion to come on the west side of Fort Arnmor.