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Sierra-Turkey relations
Flag of Sierra Flag of the Democratic Republic of Turkey
Flags of Sierra and Turkey
Diplomatic Mission
Sierran Embassy in Ankara
Turk Embassy in Los Angeles
Mahzun Pamuk
(Turk ambassador to Los Angeles)
Jeffrey Pasqual
(Sierran ambassador to Ankara)
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Sierran-Turkish relations refers to the relations between the Democratic Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Sierra. Following the end of Cold War, the two nations established official diplomatic missions to each respective capital. With two conflicting governments (one an Uzunist state, the other a capitalist monarchy), relations between the two have been contentious since Sierra's pro-American foreign and military policies. However, with the recent issues of Islamic terrorism shared by both nations, the two government have worked together in counter-terrorist operations. Following the outbreak of the 2014 Turkish intervention in Syria, Sierra has enforced Turkey more financial sanctions.

Country comparison

Flag of Sierra Kingdom of Sierra Flag of the Democratic Republic of Turkey Democratic Republic of Turkey
Population 78,484,232 (17th) 86,134,864 (16th)
Area (total area according to Encyclopædia Britannica) 1,005,571 km2 (29th) 862,298 km2 (31st)
Capital Los Angeles Ankara
Largest City Los Angeles – 4,421,220 (14,843,753 Metro) (2014 estimate) Istanbul – 14,201,976 (2014 estimate)
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy Uzunist single-party state
First Leader Smith I Abdülmecid Darıcıoğlu
Current Leader Angelina II Şahnaz Uzun
Official languages English, Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, Japanese Turkish
Main religions 82% Christianity (63% Protestantism, 15% Catholicism, 3% Eastern Orthodox, 2% Other), 12% Unaffiliated (3% atheist/agnostic), 2% Buddhism, 0.4% Judaism, 0.3% Islam, 0.2% Hinduism 98.7% Islam, 1 %Atheism, 0.3% other
Ethnic and racial groups 46.3% White Sierran, 20.1% Hispanic and Latino Sierrans (of any race), 26.8% Asian Sierran, 5.2% African Sierran, 1.4% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 1.2% Native Sierran Turks
Kurds, Arabs
Turkish Cypriots
Greek Cypriots
GDP (PPP) (2014 estimate) $3.177 trillion (4th) $1.5987 trillion (12th)
Gini (2014) 0.491 0.464
HDI (2014) 0.926 (very high) (3rd) 0.723
Currency Sierran dollar ($) Turkish lira (₺)
Expatriates and immigrants 56,952 Turks living in Sierra 5,333 Sierrans living in Turkey
Military Troops 1,000,781 (active and reserve)  ?
English Speakers 57,281,994 (Native: 77% of the total population)  ?
(Mobile Phones)
73,731,485  ?


During its inception, Turkey rejected almost all contact with Sierra and other Western countries relying on financial backing from the USSR. Relations improved after President Kazım Ataç made a formal visit to Sierra in 1989. Following the visit, embassies in both capitals were established to accommodate the newly established diplomatic missions. Relations quickly soured following Sierra's foreign policy changes which favored American-led intervention in the Middle East region.



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Foreign and military policy

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