Silvestru Mandruleanu (15 April 1799 Zargas –July 1841 Zargas), was a Romanian-Frekian politician and activist who fought for the Bulgarian and Romanian civil rights as well as the remaining minority population established in Frecia during the 19th century.


In 1836, Romanian-Frekian Silvestru Mandruleanu was elected by the non-Greek Frekian majority in Ioannina, and immediately began making demands of the central government that the wealth in the province be spread equally or "alternative measures" would be taken to do so.

The government rebuffed Mandruleanu's demands, and soon a cold war erupted between the wealthy Greek Frekian minority, and the poor Romanian and Bulgarian Frekian majority in Ioannina. In 1841, the issue of equality in Ioannina exploded. Mandruleanu was found shot to dead in his office, the culpits being the Greek Frekians threatened by Mandruleanu's proposed reforms to take their wealth and spread it to the masses.

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