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Simetra, a world where 12 bestial species in a humanoid form live and work together in supposed harmony despite their food chain levels. For some uninvestigated reason, these 12 species happen to be of those from the Chinese zodiac. Ever since the New Peace Order, all matters of conflict pertaining to specific differences have been dissolved. The order is an attempt to equalize the food chain, drafted up by the Dragon's oligarchical government. Despite this effort, the food chain still simmers underneath as racism runs abound.

Animal Groups

Rat race

Ox race

Tiger race

Rabbit race

Dragon race

Snake race

Horse race

Goat race

Monkey race

Rooster race

Dog race

Pig race

Major Cities and Establishments

Intergalactic Affairs


Modern times



  • The name Simetra in reverse is Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt/wild animals/etc.

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