Simone Baker
Simone Baker.jpg
41th Vice-President of the Draguan Islands
Assumed office
November 16, 2012
Preceded by Andrei Caale
Personal details
Born May 3, 1982
Talamaca, Iberia-Draguan
Nationality Draguan
Political party Draguan Green Party
Relations Haye Smith
Residence Copa Cabana
Profession Biologist
Religion Atheist
Signature SimoneBakerSig.png

Simone Baker (Talamaca, 3 May 1982) is the current Vice-President of the Draguan Islands and the successor of Andrei Caale. As head of the Draguan Green Party as well, she tries to improve the ecology and environment in the Draguan Islands, but also in the rest of the world, by visiting many countries.

Early Life

Simone Baker was born on 3 May 1982 in Talamaca, as the first daughter of Amone Baker and Wilson Wells. She studied biology on the middle school and on the university, but began working in the politics afterwards. She became leader of the Draguan Green Party in 2003, and still is. In 2012, she won the elections for the function of Vice-President.

Personal Life

Simone Baker lives since 2009 with Haye Smith, her partner at the moment. She sails in her free time, and sometimes hikes in the Rim Mountains.

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