Since Time Immemorial (Rockallian: Ó nUair Róimh Éolas (Since Time Before Knowledge) , Fernolian: Siodh an Uirith úBhéirdh an Uirith (Since Time Became Time) , Astrallic: Ón Uairr máir Meauidh Séi Cuimhneaigh (Since Time as We Remember It)) is a designation used in Rockallic legal texts for certain historic events and commencements of the existence of important institutions of society.

Usage for historic events

The Creation of the Constitution has happened Since Time Immemorial, which means that legally the Constitution has existed for as long as it has existed. This is used to indicate that the Constitution is "the most important piece of law of the Earldom and that it has existed and always will exist", according to the Constitution itself.

Usage in legal texts

Since Time Immemorial is used in legal texts to indicate that an institution has always existed or that a certain action has always been performed. An example of usage of "Since Time Immemorial" comes from the landmark High Court case NicDhréoigh m. Bícúint-teachd Na nUinnia (2006) 1140 - 89.2 - 7, in which the High Court decided that the Department of Infrastructure of An Uinnia could not build in a certain area because that area had been used as grazing land for sheep "Since Time Immemorial".

Officially, according to the Laws of the Judiciary as described by the statutes of the Marquessate of the Judiciary and by the Constitution of Rockall, "Since Time Immemorial" can be used as an argument if it can be proven that the institution, custom or action performed has been in place for at least five generations, or 125 years, and will be considered a valid argument as long as the institution does not violate the constitution (see Sléoibh m. Báiriúinteachd na Ghléaoinnenoileun (1934) 1065 - 90.4 - 1).

Usage for governmental institutions

Officially, the posts of baronet, baron, viscount, earl, marquess and duke have existed Since Time Immemorial, which means that, according to common agreement, these posts have existed for as long as people have known.

Usage for judicial institutions

Usage for academic institutions

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