Spoken in: Flag of Singapiar Singapiar
Flag of OtāOtā
Flag of Jeku Jeku
Flag of Kantai Kantai

(majorities) Singapiar, Otā, Jeku, Kantai, Southern EAF, Palau (Peleliu), and Yarphei(Southern and Eastern);
(minorites): EAF, Everett, Australia, Koben, Austronesia, and Sumatak

Total speakers: 150 million
Language family: Altaic and Sino-Tibetian
Official status
Official language in: Singapiar (recognized minority language)
Regulated by: The Language Insitute of Demographical Science
Language Codes
ISO 639-1: sg
ISO 639-2: sga
ISO 639-3: sgr

Singapi() is the official language of Singapiar and its territories. It has 150 million speakers.

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