Global Sino Union

Flag Coat of arms
Motto: 通过团结的力量,通过力量的团结 (Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Strength)
Anthem: 义勇军进行曲 (March of the Volunteers)
and largest city
Official languages Simplified Chinese
Recognised regional languages English, Vietnamese, Lao
Official Script Simplified Chinese
Demonym Sino
Government Presidential Republic
• President
Wu Jiantou
• Premier
Hu Biangqyo
Legislature Sino Union Peoples Assembly
Establishment 2034
Currency Sino Rinmibi
Calling code +1
The Sino Union (中联Zhong Lian - Chinese Simplified) is the worlds largest superpower, formed in 2034, following the collapse of the United States due to a massive financial crash, and the rise of China as the prominent world superpower. Of course China owned much of the countries debt, and the United States had no choice but to hand over all power towards China. The Sino Union, as of 2076, is the worlds largest superpower, both ecomomically and influentally. The Sino Union retains its seat of government in Beijing, and the country achieved democracy in the late 2060's.

The Sino Union covers the entirity of the former United States of America, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Laos, and Cambodia. The Sino Union, is the worlds biggest superpower, and is the most influential country on Earth, and as a result much of the worlds culture is influenced by China, and Chinese has become the worlds most spoken language. The Sino Renminbi became the worlds reserve currency in 2025 when China itself rose to superpower status.




Defence and Security

Alliance Navy