Sinyd Enshata
Archmother of Arestiri
Reign 12 May 2314 - 20 June 2314
Predessecor None
Great Adviser of UKGP
Years of service 2313-2314
Spouse Rolof Yerhonarin
Issues None
Full name Sinyd Ithilienia Enshata Dragunskaya
House House of Dragunskaya
Father Phoeniksov Dragunskaya
Mother Sivril Dragunskaya
Born 15 July 2287
Died 20 June 2314
Religion Rodinian Orthodox

Sinyd Enshata (Sinyd Ithilienia Enshata Dragunskaya; born 15 July 2287) is the Archmother of Arestiri. She is also former prime minister of The United Kingdom of Great Paangoon, minor-god in the religion Viborgism and queen consort of Viborg the Almighty.

Early Life

Sinyd is the first child of Lord Thonderon I, Tcar of Rodina, and his sister-wife, Sivril. Her father was the first son of Summarshikov the Elder and Alanya Ruhfoot. Her mother was the youngest daughter of Summarshikov the Elder. She was born at 3.51 pm on 15 July 2287 at Dragunskaya Royal Manor.

Faking her own death

Main article: Sinyd Enshata's Pseudocide, Assassination attempts on Auriela Sovr' Ragna

Following her espionage on Brightstar palace, Sinyd has lost from public for more than 6 days. The only information about her current condition is a story told by her housecarl. A week later, this story was proven false by a Cerberussian deserter.


Sinyd is currently imprisoned in the Greater Cerberussy, following her espionage on the empire. This information was told by Hesua Yvira, a Cerberussian turncoat, who was recently assassinated.