Following her espionage on Brightstar palace, Sinyd has lost from public for more than 6 days. The only information about her current condition is a story told by her housecarl. A week later, this story was proven false by a Cerberussian turncoat.


On 20 June 2314, Sinyd managed to sneak into Brightstar palace, passing through a series of security line, until finally into the private room of the Maharaja. Unexpectedly, he let her in and talk. She pleaded that the invasion of Rodina to be stopped and that she would give herself up along with Arestiri. The Maharaja refused his offer, saying that the invasion can not be stopped by anything. Eventually, she left the room, saying that she would do anything to win back the title of queen.

Instead of heading to the pickup point, she turned to the royal baths, where she found the queen bathing alone. Suddenly she was intercepted by two guards of the queen. She easily beat them. One of the surviving guards call in reinforcements. But all of them can be defeated easily, including the unbeatable steel golems. Hearing the commotion, the Maharaja came out of his room. He immediately ran to the source of the commotion and found a pile of bodies in the bath door. He entered and found Sinyd is strangling Auriela in the corner of the room. With great fury, the emperor took an energy blade and decapitated Sinyd's head.

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