—  State of Rio Blanco  —
Flag of Sioux.svg
Coat of Arms of Sioux.svg
Coat of arms
Nickname(s): Flat River Land
Motto: Dum spiro spero (Latin)
While I breathe, I hope
Country Flag of Rio Blanco Rio Blanco
Named for Sioux tribe
State seat Scottsbluff
 • Governor Albert Ramsay (C)
 • Lt. Governor Tom Conley (C)
 • Total 36,927 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Population (2014 census) 87,789
ISO 3166 code RB-SX

The State of Sioux (/suː/; Yuma German: Ziuks, /ˈziːʊks/), officially the State of Nadouessioux-Ñibraske (/ˈnæːdʊ.əˌs(j)uː nɪˈbræskiː/), is one of the 11 first-order subdivisions of Rio Blanco. It was the last state to be formed in Rio Blanco, as it was established in 1894, after being separated from Yuma.

It has a population of 87,789, making it the least populated state of Rio Blanco.


Sawatch is divided in 10 counties.

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