Sir Derred Funisa is a Knight who discovered and named Funisa Island on a failed expedition to the North Pole.

Sir Derred Paolo Funisa
Nationality Resnish
Occupation Explorer
Known for Discovery of Funisa Island


Early life

Funisa was born in 1186CT in the Resnish town of Fenos. As early as the age of 16, he volunteered as Patrol Guard. He quickly gained popularity among the people, and soon was acclaimed 'Champion of the People'.


By 1200, his popularity gained attention from the King. The King posted him in the Capitol and was given a title of Knighthood. He was annually paid 75,000•P.

Artica was discovered in 1211, and Sir Funisa was asked to explore it. He agreed, and the trip was prepared for August 1213CT.

Artican Trip

Sir Derred Funisa set off on August 9, 1213. Land was first spotted on February 4, 1214. They landed that day on Funisa Island. They stayed there until mid-April where they sailed further north.

They landed on Artica late May. Knowing they would have to leave the ship, they brought a compass, a map, and 300 kg of food and water. They agreed that if they exhausted half of it before they reached the North Pole, they would turn back.


The Artican Trip. The red path is his first path and the black it the return path.

At 3/4 of the way that came true, and they were forced to turn back. Despite the expeditions' failure, Sir Derred Funisa and his men were proclaimed national heroes.