Sir Gabriel Fikes

8th Chancellor of Nanteos
8th Chancellor of Nanteos
King when Assumed office King William III
Preceded by Devan Hester
Succeeded by Donald Cerrone

Born Nanteos
Political party Moralist Part
Defeated Devan Hester (1st), John Haley (2nd)
Religion Kabbalist

Sir Gabriel Fikes was the 8th Chancellor of Nanteos, former Regent of the Royal Ambassadors, former ambassador to Silla, and Knight of Nanteos.

Early Life

Sir Gabriel Fikes was born in Nanteos to a privileged family. The Fikes family were known as being some of the wealthiest people in the Kingdom. Fikes father owned the rights to several coal mines, gold mines, and diamond mines. Fikes father worried about him getting soft would offer him membership into the Knights of Nanteos. He accepted and became one of the youngest members of the knights. Fikes attended the Royal University where he achieved a degree in business and foreign relations.

Royal Ambassadros

Sir Gabriel was given a job in the Royal Ambassadors, the kingdoms diplomats and foreign policy experts. Gabriel gladly accepted. After long years of work he was appointed as ambassador to Silla one of the most important ambassadorships at the time.

Ambassador to Silla

As ambassador to Silla, Gabriel was able to diffuse the General Robert Lever's comments to Sillian president George Moore. While Charles was ambassador to Silla, the Kingdom of Nanteos enjoyed friendly relations with their eastern neighbors.

Calvert Civil War Resolution

Shortly before the Calvert Civil War, Gabriel was appointed Regent of the Royal Ambassadors. As Nanteos entered there was some genuine fear as to whether they could win the war or not. Gabriel, however, was able to convince Varland to surrender to Nanteon forces and brought about the Cease Fire of Calvert ending the Calvert Civil War.


As Chancellor Devan Hester's term came to an end, Gabriel decided to run for the Chancellery. amid allegations of corruption Devan Hester was pushed out and Sir Gabriel Fikes won election. As Chancellor the Nanteon economy slowed some, but was still doing very well.

Second Term and the Heritage Laws

After winning his second term Gabriel announced he would not re-run for office. During his second term, the cities of Starfell, Jasper, and Russleville announced laws that prohibited those not originally born in their cities from holding any municipal offices. It was aimed at keeping Sillian immigrants from hodling office. The Chancellor declared these laws illegal and most cities repealed them. However, mayor of Jasper, Donald Ghetts, refused to repeal the law. As a result, the Chancellor removed the mayor and 2/3rds of the Jasper city council from office. Also in his second term he helped King William III sign a mutual defense pact with the nation of Silla. This outraged many common citizens.

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