Sir William Hyatt

Current Chancellor of Nanteos
King when Assumed office King William IV
Preceded by James Lanttern

Born Nanteos
Political party Moralist Party
Defeated Dr. Jack Lowes
Religion Kabbalist

Sir William Hyatt is the Current and 14th Chancellor of Nanteos. He is a Knight of Nanteos and CEO of JP Industries.

Early Life

The youngest of 6 siblings, Sir William Hyatt grew up as a privileged child in the Hyatt family. His grandfather was famed entrepreneur and engineer, Sir Allistar Hyatt who built Allistar Tower and founded JP industries. His father was a Knight of Nanteos and was married to William's mother a member of the Powell Family. His father Sir Rudolph Hyatt died when Sir William was 18. After this, most of Sir William's father fortune and shares of JP Industries would be given to his oldest brother Rudolph Jr. Sir William stricken by grief refused to live off of his brother's earnings and moved to Noirville to attend university.

Life In Noirville

In Noirville, one of the poorest city in Nanteos, he saw a lot of poverty and unfortunate situations. He formed an organization to help those in poverty to afford lawyers. He also attended NOIR University and gained degrees in both business and law.

Return to Nanteos

Sir William Hyatt would return to Nanteos with the goal of helping the less fortunate. He lobbied The High Council to fund several more orphanages around the kingdom. He also got a lot more money sent to the Department of Agriculture and Social Welfare.

Death of his Brother

After a major market drop and nasty divorce, Rudolph Jr. committed suicide. Sir William was very sad, but knew if he did not focus on taking over JP Industries his family would go bankrupt. Sir William was able to lead JP Industries' CEO to great success even during the recession proving great success as a business leader.

Politics and Election

Sir William decided he would run for mayor of Nanteos soon after that. Although the Freedom Party was the typical party of CEOs and business leaders, William was not a fan of unfair business practices the Freedom Party supported. His grandfather Allistar also being a Gold Party member influenced his decision. Sir William defeated, John Crider, a former city councilman and mayor of Nanteos, to become the next mayor. While most of the country sunk deeper into recession, the City of Nanteos was making big profits.

In the next Chancellor election the Moralist Party convinced Sir William to run on their ticket for Chancellor. In a close race with Dr. Jack Lowes of Southbeach, Sir William became the next Chancellor of Nanteos.


Sir William Hyatt has been accused of being out of touch with normal citizen economic pains. He has also been accused of fixing bids in the High Council so that his company, JP Industries can win the contracts. He has denied all allegations.

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