Sirbu AG
Type Akitaharuno Gyennicapa
Founded May 16,1890
Founder(s) Gin Hongqae
Headquarters Lapka, Singapiar
Area served Worldwide
Key people Kam Lee (Chairman), Shang Ju Kaputo (CEO)
Industry Automotive
Products Autos, auto parts
Services Automobile manufacturer
Engine manufacturer
Aerospace and Defense
Revenue Ŧ45.753 billion
Operating income Ŧ201.275 billion
Net income Ŧ33.76 billion
AUM Ŧ24.356 billion
Total assets Ŧ34.5 billion
Total equity Ŧ22.625 billion
Owner(s) Rensiar Wan
Employees 201,500
Sirbu AG is a Singapian automobile manufacturer, engine manufacturer, aerospace and defense, and energy company based in the medium city of Lapka.



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