The Six Republics is an alliance/organisation of six sovereign states surrounding Madagascar granted independence in the wake of the fall of the Defiance and the dissolution of the Hurian Federation. Their new government were installed by Vanev, the Southern African Confederacy and the United Nations and are democratic, with rumours they will apply for Vanev membership (Mauritius already was a Vanev member before its annexation, so it will not need to).

In September 2012, Vanev provided assistance to the nations to protect them from the East African Alliance. The Six Republics have denied involvement in the killing of Kwato Mbosa, first Chair of the East African Alliance.

The six member states are:

On the 29th of September, a number of "associates" joined, including EAA members. The reason for this is unknown, as of yet. The associates are not full/official members. This list is not official, nor finalised.

  • Flag of DR Congo Congo DR
  • Flag of Kenya Kenya
  • Flag of Madagascar Madagascar
  • Flag of Mayotte Mayotte (only just independent)
  • Flag of Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe

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