The Sixth Segment is known for its incredible explorers and also its many ambitions, as well as occasional violent activity. Since the Apocalypse, the sixth segment have wondered the Dendrius galaxy, searching for new species to study and new planets to explore. The entire fleet is currently stationed near Concorus, where they are in discussion with the native Concorrl over the threat of the Fourth Segment.


The Sixth Segment was one of the ships that was launched from Orientus on the date of the Apocalypse, the other being the Fourth. Originally it believed, like many of the other segments, that a peaceful way of acting was the best way. However, after a while it saw how successful the fourth was being with its more violent and aggressive activities and decided to begin to mirror that. One of its first major attacks was the Battle of Stellas Prime, which was a significant loss for the segment.

The segment also has great explorers and is in possession of the largest and most accurate maps in the Lower Sector. It has conducted a number of extended exploration missions covering large areas of the sector to try and find more resources and perhaps other civilizations to communicate with, although these missions have mostly achieved very little.


Cargo ships

  • SS Crystal (lead ship)
  • SS Platinum
  • SS Emerald

Warships/Exploration ships

  • SS Mirage
  • SS Dragonfly
  • SS Magma
  • Battlehorn fighters

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