The Släktträd are a group of tribal people in the northern island of Noraem, which is suited to the tride due to its cold and mountainus terrain. Traits of the tribe is eye color of being blue, skin being white, and hair color being blonde.

King of Noraem
Culture of the Slakttrad people is unique, due to they're seclusion they are strongly bases on peace and non brutality, and have not met any outside force from Noraem. The Vitfågel is a highly treasured animal which is a large eagle, completely white.

Atgraad teaches the beauty of life and the society in which the Slattrad should live, how they should live up to that of the Great Mother, and Great Father, who both created the world and Slakttrad people. They believe the two created the earth when they found a pebble while walking on the side of heaven, they molded the rock and threw several other pebbles with it into the Fotthimmel which was a black clear pond at the base of Aallsmäktigträd , which is seen as the World Tree. There is no leader within the Atgraad faith, and believe in ancient runes on a large black rock within the cape of Noaem off the village of Utgraad. The Rune is the base of the Norradic language and tells the story of the Great Mother and Great Father and its teachings of peace, and teachings of war when necessary.


Politics is not very dynamic, due to its closed minded culture and seculusion and overall family unity with its one tribes. Faderstammen Arnviðr Perri, currently holds the title of the Father of the Tribe and is the first leader of the tribe, hes the holder of the Perri tribe which is held as a name for farmers who work with types of grains such as wheat and corn, corn on the island is referd as being perrina which is Arnviðr's favorite grown food for his tribe.

Creation of the Norradic State was after politcal complication when the Faderstammen, Undraddor Perri died without bareing any children, the tribe debated over what to do and in the end agreed on sending they're most repected men to the tribes meeting in Utrgraad, until the family disputes over the throne could be settled the King would be replaced.

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