German name: Schlüssal Russian name: Шлеска Дуна Polish name: Czarownicawieś Czech name: Sleský (Sleský člen Určitý Bydliště Uctívání)

A town located in Russia near the city of Kursk. This town was the cradle of evil and the Nazi's Nightmare. The Russites were among the first people who settled this area. The evil acts and vices that were carried by the Nazis woke up the Witches of Slesky.

The Lidice Massacre & the Awakening

Witches of Slesky were a group of 15 women who were executed by a Catholic priest in the 13th Century. When Lidice, Czech Republic was massacred the blood of men was washed up by the rain. The river which the blood of the slaughtered men ran through was called Topielce. The leader of the witches was Baba Yaga the cannibalistic witch from Russian legend.

Points of Interests

Świątynia od Wilki or Temple of Wolves: A 14th century pagan temple of unknown origins. Some say you can hear screams at the dead of night coming from the temple's walls.

Militärische Zentrale: An old World War II military center where 50 bodies of dead Nazis were found.

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