Snetterton is an electoral division of the Georgeland House of Commons. It is located in the affluent Doubledance neighbourhood of the same name, and has existed as a division since 1891. For the entirety of its life, the seat has been held by the Conservative Party of Georgeland; it is one of the few seats to have been held by the same party since the birth of the nation.
Snetterton is famous for being the seat of both Thomas Richardson, Prime Minister 1967-1970, and his son Sam Richardson, who died of a heart attack in 2006. The seat has been held since June 2006 by Simon Birmingham.
Snetterton has the second-highest average wealth per consituent of any division in the country; the highest is Belfast.

Members of Parliament

  1. Sir Charles Kent (Conservative) 1891-1905
  2. Austen Burnleigh (Conservative) 1905-1919
  3. Sir Martin Sheilds (Conservative) 1919-1935
  4. Arnold Thomas (Conservative) 1935-1948
  5. Thomas Richardson (Conservative) 1948-1971
  6. Duncan Charlesworth (Conservative) 1971-1980
  7. Sam Richardson (Conservative) 1980-2006
  8. Simon Birmingham (Conservative) 2006-

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