Social Democratic Party
Leader Kalvin Örding
Founded 1954
Split from Democratic Liberal Party
Headquarters Brikkstow, Sommersatt, Westland
Ideology Mixed Capitalism, Progressivism, Social Justice, Social Democracy
Political position Centre
Official colours Orange
Seats in the National Council
16 / 135
The Social Democratic Party (Westlandic: Sosalitikdemmokratikparti) is a Westlandic political party which favours a Centrist position, and greater influence of capitalism in Westlandic society, and Social Justice. Often called the more 'rational' Capitalist party, in relation to the far right Democratic Liberal Party. The Social Democratic Party was formerly the second largest party of Westlandic politics, and was frequently in government in coalition with the Liberal Socialist Party until the rise of the Green Party in the 1980's. The party then turned in more of a pro-capitalist direction in the 1990's and became more separated from the powers of government.

The Social Democratic Party was formed in 1953 from a group of more Centrist and Liberal Democratic Liberal Party members who wanted out a party moving too far to the right. The party quickly rose in support, and was in a coalition with the Liberal Socialist Party in the 1957 election, and after which fast rose to be the second party in Westlandic politics until the 1980's when it was overtaken by the Green Party.