Socialist Party of Danguk
General Secretary Bak Mae Song
Deputy General Secretary Yeong Seo Gang
Politburo Wong Kyong Gyu
Bak Suxu Song
Yeong Son Jyeo
Gwoju Suk Sane
Bak Yuta Hyog
Founded March 1948
Headquarters 00-1099 Chionin, Gwangwo-xu
Gongmin Deori
Chionin-kan, Danguk
Newspaper Gongminkai
Youth wing Danguk Socialist Youth
Ideology Socialism, Progressivism, Market Socialism
Religion Atheism
International affiliation Socialist International
Official colours Maroon, Yellow
The Socialist Party of Danguk (Dang: 龍人社會黨 Danguk Shagyeo-dochumgo) commonly known as the Socialist Party (Dang: 社會黨 Shagyeo-dochumgo) is the founding and ruling party of the Dang People's Republic. The party was formed in 1948 however was quickly outlawed by the People's Committee for Danguk, the puppet state set up by the Soviet Union after World War II. However, the party grew quickly as an underground organisation and eventually defeated by the People's Committee during the two-year revolution which resulted in the formation of the Dang People's Republic in 1956. The party has an official membership of roughly 5 million people as of 2014. 

According to the party's constitution, it adheres to predominantly Socialist thought including Market Socialistism, Progressivism and Humanism. According the the party, Danguk is in a stage of fully developed socialism, however many economists dispute this. The original planned economy introduced in 1956, was replaced by a form of Socialist Market Economy during the 1970's when the Service Industry was privatised under reforms. 

The party is led by the General Secretary who also acts as the Head of Government of Danguk. The current General Secretary is Bak Mae Song. The party is governed by a 5 member Politburo Committee, which consists of high-ranking party executives who act as chief advisors to the General Secretary. Additionally, a yearly National Congress in which constituency party members meet to discuss the party's yearly policy exchange. There is also a long-standing bureacracy consisting of varying ranks of Officials and Secretariats. 

Governance and Organisation

General Secretary


National Congress

Local and National Party

Socialist Youth 


Associate Parties and Organisations

See Also: Onmyok Front

Only parties that are endorsed or associated with the Socialist Party are permitted to run for elections in Danguk, these are predominantly Trade Unionist parties and Socialist organisations. An official electoral register of organisations that are permitted to run is published in the months leading up to the elections every five years. Parties that endorse Communism or Capitalism are banned by law from running for election under the Constitution. The Socialist Party itself is the head of the Onmyok Front, which consists of the endorsed parties and organisations in Danguk.