Socialist Party of Manchuria
ㄇㄢㄓㄡ ㄕㄜㄏㄨㄟ ㄉㄤ
Mǎnzhōu shèhuì dǎng
First Secretary Xu Guanzhong
Founded 12th March 1991
Preceded by Communist Party of Manchuria
Headquarters Flag of Harbin Harbin
Student wing Socialist Youth
Youth wing Socialist Future
Ideology Democratic Socialism
Social Democracy
Left-wing nationalism
Political position Centre-left
International affiliation Socialist International
Official colours           Red, yellow
Seats in the Supreme National Assembly
103 / 685
Local Government Seats
267 / 1,110
Party flag
Flag of Socialist Party of Manchuria

The Socialist Party of Manchuria (Chinese: ㄇㄢㄓㄡ ㄕㄜㄏㄨㄟ ㄉㄤ; Mǎnzhōu shèhuì dǎng) is a centre-left political party in Manchuria. With 103 seats it is the third largest party within the Supreme National Assembly and was previously before 2010 the second largest party in the country after the Manzuxiehui.

The SPM was formed in 1991, being the legal successor of the Communist Party of Manchuria which had ruled Manchuria as a single-party socialist state between 1946-90. Until 2010 it was the second biggest political force in the country, getting the second largest share of the vote in every election and always taking the mantle of official opposition within the Supreme National Assembly. In 2010 it suffered an electoral disaster when it was ousted from its position as the main opposition party by the New Progressive Party. Since then it has functioned as the third most powerful party in Manchurian politics.

The SPM is a democratic socialist party, and has idealogical divisions between the more moderate social democrats and the former hardline communists. The party retains a Leninist party structure with a central committee and politburo making most executive decisions with the highest ranking member of the party being its First Secretary.





Election results

List of First Secretaries

No. Name
Portrait Term in Office
1 Tao Shiyou
Tao Shiyou 12th March 1991 27th September 1997
2 Sun Yufang
Sun Yufang 27th September 1997 13th April 2006
3 Chang Shengzuo
Chang Shengzou 2008 13th April 2006 11th April 2016
4 Xu Guanzhong
Xu Guanzhong 11th April 2016 Incumbent

Policy Overview


  • Increase the size of the welfare state.
  • Scrap plans for a flat tax rate and maintain the current income tax system.
  • Bring unemployment down from 12.6% to 7%.
  • Raise the income tax on those earning over 元2,500,000 from 48% of their earnings to 53%.
  • Strike down the International Free Trade Act of 1997.
  • Oppose all moves to introduce a school voucher system.
  • Re-nationalise Manchu Airways.
  • Bring back collective bargaining rights to public sector employees.


  • End the prohibition on drugs, and focus on rehabilitation in prisons rather then punishment.
  • Oppose the two-child policy.
  • Streamline the civil service which is too bureaucratised.


  • Strike down the Chinese-Manchurian Dissident Act 1966.
  • Decrease military spending.
  • Recognise and support Palestine.
  • Oppose Manchu membership in the TPP.