Socialist Workers Party
Leader James Merchant
Chairperson Vincent Turner
Founded 1991
Preceded by Labour Party
Trade Union Congress
Headquarters London, England, Great Britain
Newspaper The Socialist Worker
Student wing Student Workers
Ideology Socialism
Democratic Socialism
Civic Nationalism
Social Justice
Trade Unionism
Political position Far Left
Religion Atheist
International affiliation Socialist International
Official colours Red, Blue
House of Representatives
495 / 650
National Council
198 / 325
The Socialist Workers Party is the current ruling political party of the People's Republic of Great Britain. It is the largest party in Great Britain, and the second largest mass-member organisation in the country after the affiliated Trade Union Coalition. The Socialist Workers Party has 495 of 650 seats in the House of Representatives. It was founded in 1992 as a merger of the Labour Party and the Trade Union Congress following the March Reforms which established Britain as a socialist state. The party has a total membership of 15 million as of 2014. 

The Socialist Workers Party follows an ideology of Socialism, Democracy, Civic Nationalism and Social Justice, focusing on Workers Rights, Income Equality, Civil Liberties and Trade Unionism. The party works closely with its affiliate organisation, the Trade Union Coalition, who is one of the party's main sources of funding. Due to this, the TUC has a significant amount of influence of the political process in Great Britain. 

The Socialist Workers Party has been in government continually since 1992. This has lead to Great Britain often being said to be a dominant single party government, because for the forseeable future, the Socialist Workers Party is the only political party that is likely to be able to form a government. The party regularly gains three quarters of the seats in the House of Representatives, with other 62% of the vote share regularly mustered by the party.