Sociania is a proposed Socialist state which would span much of Eurasia, uniting it under a single banner of Strassonism. The state is advocated by some of the more radical followers of Strassonism, including those both in the Westlandic government and across Eurasia, believing it is the work of Westland to spread the ideology across the world, to create a better future for humanity and the planet.

Some of the first references to Sociania are from the 1930's, however it gained more popularity following the Second World War in the post-war depression across Europe. Several countries in Europe and Asia had prominent 'Sociania Societies' which advocated the creation of the state, however by the 1980's these had almost vanished. During the First Cold War, the members of the Sociania Society of the United States were interned by the government under suspicion of supporting the Soviet Union and Soviet spies, despite Westlandic Socialism's opposition to the Soviet Union at the time. Some of the most prominent Sociania Societies include those in China, Japan, Sierra, Danguk and Russia

Since the beginning of the Second Cold War in the 2000's, the idea of Sociania as a proposed state has resurged in popularity, despite opposition from even some in the Westlandic government and the International Order of Socialist States. Many critics of the Westlandic regime, believe that the transition of Eurasia into Sociania has already begun, with such events as the Flemish Revolution in 2014, and that further events will lead to the instability of the continent and the subsequent creation of Sociania. While the idea remains controversial for much of the world, it still remains in the mainstream politics in the Westlandic Socialist Party, and has become an integral part of Westlandic Foreign Policy.