The Sol Confederacy is the youngest imperial state government of the Sha'dahl Empire, established by the Society and its supporters to replace the United Nations and European Union. The Sol Confederacy is a much more success than all the Earth governments combined, a unity of not only (Babylon) humans but other native races; the four founding species of this new alliance are Human, Kronan Ree, Djinn and Lemurian.

Politics and Government


The Confederacy was made as more open minded government than the previous nations. With many of the politicians in league with the Death Hunters they had to replace them with the Council members and other high ranking members to build a better republic nation.


Despite the need for Earth's resources, trade relations with other subject states in the empire have grown steadily fast. Developments of shelters and districts were made for the homeless to find jobs more easier, this was something the council felt should have been done from the beginning than wasting money on unecessary things. Social and Economic problems soon became very little of a threat as the state grew for populations to flourish on other newly colonised worlds


Years after the Battle of Earth and the creation of the collective nation, its military had adopted many of the Society's military systems. The Samurai Elites of many chapters were the main forces and used in the frontlines, veteran soldiers before them remain in serivce however the growing use of the Samurai as the native races spread across many planets and new chapters founded.

Combined resources from the Lemurian Empire and the Hollow Earth Kingdom's support of the movement to build Earth's first interstellar fleet to further defend themselves from any future invasions.


  • Spoilers: The Sol Confederacy was made as one of the new states in the Sha'dahl Empire after the coming invasion of the Zon Ghouls.

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