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Sol War
Date 4th June 2075 - 21 August 2075
Location Sol System
United Earth Nations UEN Independent Mars-Titan Alliance IMTA

The Sol War was the first of mankind's conflicts among the stars, it took place between the 4th of June 2075 and the 21st August 2075 and was fought between the United Earth Nations and the Independent Mars-Titan Alliance.


During the early 2050's early colonialists began to leave Earth to attempt to colonize Mars and Titan, the colonization was successful but due to the technology of the time communications and by extension Earth authority over the new colonies proved difficult and thus it was decided that the colonies would be allowed independence.


IMTA Invasion of Earth

UEN Counter-Offensive

Earth Orbital Conflicts

The Battle of Lunar

Invasion of Mars

IMTA Surrender

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