The Solar System is a location on the Milky Way galaxy.

Space Calendar

In 2013 A.C. a calamity decimated humanity, causing a period of recovery of more than 200 years. In 2257 A.C. humanity was finally recovering, united under a single flag, that of the UEF. The UEF decided to change the calendar once again, having the calamity as the year 0, and to keep in order to touch with the outer space colonies, the space calendar was created.

A space year has 10 months, each with 50 days. The seconds, hours, days and minutes remain the same as Earth's calendar. Earth remains using the Gregorian calendar as its local measure of time, but the rest of the system uses the Space calendar only. The current year on the solar is 908 (3257 A.C. in Earth).

Colonized Locations:


Under Construction

The very concepts of this "world" are under construction, please have that in mind.

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