South African Uprisings (HF)
Hurian troops in South Africa
Hurian forces heading out to combat from their base in Namibia
Date 31 July 2012 - Ongoing
Location Southern Africa
Result Ongoing
Flag of the Hurian Federation Hurian Federation Rebels
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Hurian Federation Benjamin Williams None
Flag of the Hurian Federation Federal Defense Forces 300,000
Flag of the Hurian Federation Territorial Defense Force 450,000
Rebel Forces 50,000
Casualties and losses
The South African Uprisings are a series of rebellions throughout the southern half of the Hurian Federation, in an attempt to break from the wider Federation. This came as a result of the Vanev-Hurian Conflict, though that is what the Hurian War Council believes. Hundreds of thousands of troops are being sent down to crush the rebellions, and bring the seperatists to justice. Since the region is of great importance to the Hurians, tens of thousands of troops are being poured into the region to prevent its loss to the rebels. The authorization to use biological and chemical weapons has been voided for the time being, but should fighting take an ugly turn, they may be permitted.




The Hurians view everything south of the Sahel as part of their territory, and refuse to change that view. Thus, any attempts to change this will be met with brutal force. The Hurians have already dropped more than half a million soldiers into the region to protect their claims, and seek to kill anyone who planned the seperatist movement. The War Council has been occupied attempting to find a solution to the issue, but all answers keep coming down to war. Thus, few believe this will be a quick and bloodless conflict.

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