Province of South Algarve
Província do Algarve do Sul
—  Province  —
Southern Algarve CoA (SCR).png
Coat of arms
Motto: "The Crux guide us"
"O Cruzeiro do Sul nos guia"
Southern Algarve Location.png
Location of Province of South Algarve
Country SouthernCross Flag2 Southern Cross Republic
Capital and largest city Pontal
 • Governor Daniel Machado
 • Vice Governor Edgar da Silva
 • Total 12,052.16 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Area rank 1st
Population (2010 census)
 • Total 97,405
 • Rank 4th
 • Density 8.08/km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error/sq mi)
 • Density rank 5th
Demonym South Algarvean (Sul-algarvio/a)
 • Year 2010 estimate
 • Total E$X (Xth)
 • Per capita E$X (Xth)
Time zone SCT (UTC-2)
 • Summer (DST) SCST (UTC-1)
Postal code
ISO 3166 code CS-AS

The Province of South Algarve (Portuguese: Província do Algarve do Sul) is a province of the Southern Cross Republic. Its capital city is Pontal.

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