The South Atlantic Union is an intergovernmental organization between four member states located mostly along the South Atlantic Ocean. Through its unified structure in certain areas of international policy, the Union draws its four member states closer together in international cooperation while also allowing each member to retain a large amount of sovereignty in their respective territories. Unlike the European Union, the South Atlantic Union aims to create a common international body rather than a superstate consisting of many different nation-states, and in that, the South Atlantic Union only has organizations and policies which bind the governments together rather than indirectly exercising control over each of them as a whole.

The most prominent features of the Union are its policies of openness and unity in international affairs among its member states and policies which support the integration of constituent economies and defence forces. In such aspects, the South Atlantic Union is a passport union, a customs union, a monetary union, a defence pact, and an international forum. Through these partnerships between the members is an identity of solidarity with respect to sovereignty created, and in their cooperation, the South Atlantic Union is sometimes viewed as a singular entity on the world stage. When accounted for as a whole, the South Atlantic Union has a population of over 160 million people and a combined GDP of about £3.920 trillion, making it the world's 8th largest entity by population and its 3rd largest economy.

The South Atlantic Union is based out of the South Atlantic Union Complex in Cape Town, South Africa. Diplomatic envoys are maintained in several countries around the world, and delegations representing the organization as a whole are present at the G8, the G20, the United Nations, and the Commonwealth of Nations. The Union is also a permanent Global Partner of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and has an observing delegation at the African Union and the European Union.


There are four full member states of the South Atlantic Union, those being:

Along with the four full member states, there are an additional four associated states:

and three global partnerships: