South Cadia
Map of South Cadia in Pangam-Pangat
Area 44,356,677.8 km2
Population ~855,000
Pop. density 51.88/km2
Demonym South Cadian
Countries Metari Theocracy
Mokyu Republic
Languages Peshalic
Largest cities Peshalim, Nuva Hotari, Sana'e

South Cadia (Peshalic: Cadia Attik or Atticadia) is a continent in the Western Hemisphere of Pangam-Pangat, entirely contained within the Southern Hemisphere. Although technically a subcontinent of the larger Cadia landmass, South Cadia is generally referred to as a continent in its own right. It is the third largest continent in Pangam-Pangat after Thietia and North Cadia. As of 1600 BCE, it is estimated to have a population of 855,000 people.

It is bordered on the west by the Exterior Ocean and Midcadian Gulf, the east by the Central Ocean, and by the north by North Cadia and the Hosu Sea. South Cadia is historically known as the hearth of Metari civilization, and is the home of the eight Metari tribes that make up the two countries on the continent, the Metari Theocracy and the Mokyu Republic.


South Cadia is the primary landmass of the southern half of Pangam-Pangat's Western Hemisphere. The border between North and South Cadia is generally the Samok'uu River along the western frontier of the Mokyu Republic's settled territory. The Hosu Islands, in the Hosu Sea to the north of the main South Cadian landmass are generally included in most definitions of South Cadia, along with other offshore islands such as Saliria. South Cadia is largely covered by dense rainforests, impeding travel between settlements on the continent. It is also home of the southernmost inhabited locations on the planet, on the southern tip of the Atikk Peninsula.


South Cadia is dominated by the eight Metari tribes, which are distantly related to each other, with a common migration from North Cadia believed to have began around 12,000p. The first of tribes to arrive in South Cadia, the Astrata and Kunmooen, arrived in the 4th premillenium, and settled the north and west coast of the continent, respectively. No significant population of non-Metari peoples is believed to exist on South Cadia, due to the terrain and difficulty of land travel in South Cadia. The tribes are believed to have dispersed throughout the continent by sea; first landing on the coast and travelling farther inland.

Country Area
Population Capital
Flag of Metaria Metari Theocracy ~781,000 Nuva Hotari
NoFlag Mokyu Republic ~66,000 Sana'e