South East Alton
—  City and Metropolian District  —
Alton Capital Area
Alton South West.jpg
Alton CA South with the M1 going through
Nickname(s): City in the Golden Plain
Motto: Rty Alma Na Neey
District South West Alton
County Alton
Incorporated 1924
Named for Sandy Beaches
Government Capital City
 - Type County Council, Capital City
 - Mayor Mayor DeFraghall (AltonLife)
 - MP Conseri Terri Toralam
 - The Buearu of Public and Saftey George Reasakn
Population (2009)
 - Total 290,000
 - Est. (2015) 2,780,000
Time zone GMT East (UTC0)
Zip AT7 - Metropolian
Zip AT10 - Harpledon
Goverment ID 1
Vehicle registration A1

South East Alton is the capital city of Alton. This Alton City is known for its white sandy beaches and its capital. Alton has an estimate of 290,000 people in 2009.

Before it was in the Wrightshire Council in 1987 - 2002.



South East Alton comes from the forest of Seuwwa Walla Weast in 1884 on the highlands of Alton Mountains. No information can be found at the moment as archaeologists are finding the remains of South West Alton in the meantime.

Parliament Square

In 1885, the act of Alton Parliament was enforced and a biding process was taken to be the new Parliament Headquarters. The bids were Ratclife in a final total of £1,223,432, Westclife in a final total of £1,822,311 and South East Alton in a grand total of £2,228,822. The town nearly went to bankruptcy and a Alton Depression time was needed to regain the taxes.

Depression Time and Higher Taxes

In 1890, an Depression Time was announced by PM Tawney. The Alton Tax was to cut the wage of public services to the goverment to 7 quaters. Lots of people protested that they demand lower taxes. Locals driven away to start a new life while the poor stayed here.

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