State of South Rial
國家리얄 Ryukyu t'sei Rial Zuadhra
South Rial
Flag of South Rial Coat of Arms of South Rial
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): Delta Land
Motto(s): Kobenese:丹格朗尊薛村禾禪 Phonetically:Tangerang Zud Urmia (Love on our Land)
2000px-South Riau Azueh Koben location map rs.svg
Official language(s) None
Spoken language(s) Riual
Demonym Southern Rials
Capital Equinasu
Largest city Equinasu
Largest metro area Equinasu Metroland
Area  Ranked 5 in Koben
 - Total 75,569 sq mi
(75,569 km2)
 - % water 0.45
 - Latitude 13° 44′ 28″ N
 - Longitude 177° 37′ 28″ N
Population  Ranked 4th in Koben
 - Total 13,965,870
 - Density {{{2011DensityUS}}}/sq mi  ({{{2011Density}}}/km2)
Ranked {{{DensityRank}}} in Koben
 - Median income  $33,576 (32nd)
 - Highest point Kinabultu
5,234 ft&nbsp
 - Mean 52 ft 
 - Lowest point Quartar Lake
{{{LowestElevKN}}} ft 
Governor Lombok Oji
Diet Senators {{{Senators}}}
Rep. House delegation List
Time zones NATZ(UTC+11)

South Rial (Kobenese:國家리얄 Ryukyu t'sei Rial Zuadhra) is a state located on the large island of Azueh.

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