South African Sniper School
Flag of the SAC Lamberts Bay, Southern African Confederacy
Type Military school
In use Under Construction
Controlled by American Army and the Southern African Armed Forces
Garrison 1st Pacific Fleet
The South African Sniper School or SASS is a United States-owned sniper school in the Southern African Confederacy. The SASS will be responsible in training the SAC army in marksman skills by American special forces instructors from the United States. The school is located 33 km (20 mi) south of Lamberts Bay, South Africa, and is positioned on the coast to allow the training with moving targets.

Ounce completed, the SASS will be able to teach 500 recruits every year in marksman skills, gun handling, and other skills that are needed to be an sniper. The total cost of the school is $13 million in USD, but all funding is being provived by the United States. The current construction manager of the school, Julio Atilano expects the school to be finished by June of 2013.

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