Sovereign Fund of the Southern Cross Republic
Type Sovereign Wealth Fund
Founded 2001
Headquarters Santana, Southern Cross Republic
Total assets $5.2 billion
The Sovereign Fund of the Southern Cross Republic or Fundo Soberano do Cruzeiro do Sul (FSCS) is the sovereign wealth fund of the Southern Cross Republic, established on 7 October 2001. It is a new non-commodity fund which is required to support national companies and more broadly to act as a mechanism for anti-cyclical development, promoting investment in projects of strategic interest to SCR abroad and internally. On the day of its establishment, it was injected with 35.542 billion escudos.


Due to the national importance of the fund’s activities, its advisory board is composed of the governmental ministers of finance, energy, and welfare, as well as the president of the central bank. This board is responsible for approving the general guidelines and goals of the Sovereign Fund’s investments.