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Soviet Nuclear Strike on Pyongyang
Pyongyang destruction
The Explosion from the Soviet Missile Strike
Date September 13th, 2009
Location Pyongyang, North Korea
Result Destruction of Pyongyang
Flag of the Soviet Union svg Soviet Union Flag of North Korea North Korea
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Soviet Union svg Vladimir Putin Flag of North Korea Kim Jong Il
SS-25 ICBM 800KT Nuclear Missile None

On September 13th, 2009, two days after North Korea's chemical attack on Novosibirsk, the Soviet Union launched a 40 Mt. ICBM at North Korea's capital, Pyongyang. This was provoked by many circumstances as the Soviet-North Korean relationship completely collapsed.

Novosibirsk Chemical Attack

On September 12th, 2009, a North Korean jet flew over Novosibirsk, USSR, dropping a gas containing a chemical called Peulojegteu Hwahag (프로젝트 화학). The chemical caused severe rashes and clogging of the throat, killing hundreds within an hour. By the evening, USSR President Vladimir Putin was informed of the attack and the deaths of thousands. He addressed the Soviet Union, saying that North Korea will be compensated for its attacks. He did not say how North Korea would be attacked.

Pyongyang Nuclear Attack

In Moscow, Vladimir Putin officially decided to fire a nuclear missile early the next day without warning. The USSR selected one of its SS-25 ICBMs for the coming attack. They also made preparations for any incoming retaliations from North Korea or China. By 2:00 AM, the missile was ready to be launched at the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. Three hours later, the missile was launched and bound for North Korea. It was the first nuclear missile launched ever since WWII. Air raid sirens were heard in North Korea and Kim Jong Il was evacuated to a fallout shelter right before the explosions went off. Pyongyang was leveled, killing hundreds of thousands. North Korea and China threatened the USSR, but the United States, Union of Everett, United Kingdom, and France said that they would support the Soviet Union in the possible exchange. It turned out that North Korea and China backed down from any nuclear strike.

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