The Speaker of the Georgeland House of Commons is the Georgeland House of Commons' presiding officer. The Speaker is chosen, in theory at least, by the members of the House - in practice the Speaker is chosen by the government party. Conservative Prime Ministers have usually hand-picked the Speaker, whereas in Labour and Liberal Democratic governments the governing party or coalition holds a ballot to nominate their Speaker candidate. The Speaker keeps order in the chamber, and has authority over all members, including the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. The Speaker is a partisan MP, and continues to attend party meetings. There are two Deputy Speakers, one of whom by tradition is drawn from the Opposition. There are also a number of Temporary Chairs of Committees, who take the Speaker's Chair when the House enters the Committee of the Whole or when neither Deputy Speaker is available. The Speaker must be re-nominated at the beginning of every Parliament. Some Speakers serve multiple terms, others leave after one. In theory, a Speaker continues in office until a new one is appointed, although this is not the practice. The Speaker has almost always been drawn from the governing party or coalition. In 1999, Janet Morris was allowed by the House to continue as Speaker despite the Labour Party losing power. The current Speaker is the Hon. Ronald Williams MP.

List of Speakers

Member Party Term in Office
Hon Sir Ronald Parkhurst Conservative 1891 - 1896
Hon Sir Geoffrey Manson Conservative 1896 - 1901
Hon Peter Brockton Conservative 1901-1903
Hon Nelson Branton Protectionist 1903-1905
Hon Philip Massingbird Protectionist 1905-1908
Hon Hugh Kalter Protectionist 1908 - 1911
Hon George Walker Labour 1911-1915
Hon Andrew Anderson Conservative 1915-1918
Hon George Douglas Conservative 1918-1922
Hon Francis Anthony Conservative 1922-1924
Hon Humphrey Grant Labour 1924-1928
Hon Louis Mitchell Conservative 1928-1930
Hon Francis Anthony Conservative 1930-1935
Hon George Brown Labour 1935-1938
Hon Douglas Harrod Labour 1938-1943
Hon Michael Emerson Labour 1943-1949
Hon John Bennetton Conservative 1950-1954
Hon Benjamin Thorpe Labour 1954-1958
Hon Gregory Hudson Conservative 1958-1961
Hon Bernard Massey Conservative 1961-1964
Hon Roland Carp Conservative 1964-1967
Hon Arthur Lightfoot Conservative 1967-1970
Hon Michael G. Pickett Labour 1970-1971
Hon Donald Arthur Labour 1971-1973
Hon Liam Robinson Labour 1973-1979
Hon Nathanial Proctor-Bryce Conservative 1979-1981
Hon Eric Bronson Conservative 1981
Hon Martin Payne Conservative 1981-1983
Hon Kevin Lane Labour 1983-1987
Hon Stephen Harrington Democratic 1987-1991
Hon Andrew Fletcher Labour 1991-1992
Hon Carol West Labour 1992-1995
Hon Martin Higgins Conservative 1995
Hon Michael Boyle Labour 1995-1997
Hon Janet Morris Labour 1997-2004
Hon Andrew Hindle Liberal/Liberal Democrat 2004-2006
Hon Bill Williamson Liberal Democrat 2006-2007
Hon Joan Staley Conservative 2007-2010
Hon Ronald Williams Liberal Democrat 2010-

In the 39th Parliament, the two Deputy Speakers are Arthur Palmer (First Deputy Speaker, Liberal Democrat) and Jeff Vincent (Second Deputy Speaker, Conservative)

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