Whatever is found in this article is not actively known by anyone/anything in the game world it is part of, unless specified in the article. Please correspond with the author for rights to the information.

The Special Armored Assault Division (SAAD) is an elite armored infantry division under the command of the Bureau of Internal Investigation, responsible for the internal regulation of the Hurian Federation and it's government, as well as serving as the primary intellegence agency of the nation. The SAAD was formed with the task of taking out high-risk targets of "special interest" to enemies of Huria, such as the weather control stations of the Grand Yarphese Republic, or assassinating high profile targets or political figures overseas. As a secrete organization within the military, the full extent of their operations is known only to a few high-ranking commanders, and the Supreme Commander of Huria himself.

Zones of Operation



Operation History

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