In the Allied States, Special Territory refers directly to the United States Special Territory (USST), which has been granted limited sovereignty from the Allied States in September 2011. The US Special Territory is made up of the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Dakota, and ex-Montana, which is currently still part of Rocky State. The Allied States federal government has authority over any matters within the USST, and has a limited say in the US foreign policy, as the USA is not located completely within AS borders. Any laws being passed to the states of Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and ex-Montana have to abide by the Constitution of the Allied States, as well as any other Allied States federal law. All federal-level entities in the Allied States have higher authority than any United States agency in any of the above-named states. The border between American-Canada and the United States Special Territory is still closed and patrolled by the Allied States Border Patrol.

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