Spotted Wyvern
Type Brand
Founded Street, Somersetshire, Wessex
(12th February 2003)
Headquarters Street, Somersetshire, Wessex
Area served Wessex,
Key people Pawl Brimen
Industry Food and Drink
Products Alcohol Beverages
Website www.spottenawyvern.wx
Spotted Wyvern Drinks (Spottena Wyvern) is a brand of Cider originating in Somersetshire, Wessex. Spotted Wyvern is branded as a traditional Wessen cider modelled after the drink's beginnings in Wessex with a modern touch, which is readily available at festivals, pubs and bars across Wessex, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The brand is common among music festivals, particularly at Glastonbury and Reading.

Spotted Wyvern Cider is available in several flavours, which contain blends of fruits and berry's, or simply traditional cider. Spotted Wyvern is made from locally grown apples in Somersetshire, Wiltonshire and Dorsatshire, and brewed in Street, Somersetshire. 



  • Festival Edition (Festibura Editjon) - Pear
  • Original Apple Cider (Originale Apfel Cider) - Apple
  • Strawberry and Pear Cider (Strawberri ond Bere Cider) - Strawberry adn Pear
  • Toffee Apple Cider (Toffee Apfel Cider) - Toffee Apple
  • Plum Cider (Plum Cider) - Plum
  • Blackberry and Apple Cider (Blakberri ond Apfel) - Blackberry and Apple
  • Summer Fruits (Sommerfruetan) - Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Apple, Pear, Blackberry