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The Spread of High Lorican

The missionaries of Luminarism preached in High Lorican, and where the missionaries spread their religion, so went the language. The priests used High Lorican in the prayers they led (even if the rest of the populace couldn't understand it). Hence High Lorican was understood by the peoples as a lofty, special language, a language of the gods and a language full of power.

Many place names are named based on High Lorican, especially the larger regions which would need to be understood by people across vast distances of land. With its ubiquity, the language became the go-to for naming places. Ocean names are all named "Mara ~", High Lorican for sea. Many cities are named "Sita ~", High Lorican for site or city. And the endings for many other city and place names - including all the continents - are "~um", "~a", "~ia", "~ra", and "~ta", all common in High Lorican.

The priests worked their spells in High Lorican as well, and the sight of priests tapping this apparently divine language to work wonders certainly helped to convince them of the language's uniqueness. Because of the priests' use of High Lorican in working their spells, spellshapers could eventually be found almost throughout the world who would work their spells in that language. Spellcasting in High Lorican always ends with "-ae", which is the signal for the spell to fire; and accordingly this was adopted by spellshapers worldwide, including the royalty of Saphrona and the guilds of Ethaya. The same spell conventions would be used by the spellshapers of Altariya University.

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